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01/02/18 - A Civic for all classes, well E to S anyway

on Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:17 pm
A new month and a Honda Civic for all classes, well E to S class anyway.

All 6 Civics were tested on the Nordschleife and lean towards speed builds. As always these are base tunes that work fairly well as they are.

86 Civic Si -
84 Mugen CRX -
97 Civic -
07 Civic -
16 Civic -
#5 Zengo Civic -

The first 3 Civic in the list are no aero builds, The other 3 are loaded with power and low aero. All of them retain FWD.

Have a look, have a play about with them, leave feedback if you want to, and most importantly enjoy!

Mystic OpenSourceForza @OpenSourceForza
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